پخش زنده جام جهانی
زمانی بود که یک موضوع را در موتور های جستجوگر جستجو میکردم اما نمی یافتم. به همین خاطر خواستم یک ویبلاک پر محتوا و خوب بنویسم
the Most مطلب انگلیسی

The most powerful force in life=love!

The greatest asset= faith!

The most powerful channel Of communication. =prayer!

The most important thing in life…=the power of god

The greatest joy=giving!

The worst thing to be without= Hope!

The destructive habit=worry!

The world's most

 Incredible computer=the brain!

The greatest loss…=the loss of Self-respect!

The ugliest personality trait=selfishness!

The greatest problem to overcome=fear!

The most beautiful attire=a smile!

The most dangerous pariah=gossip!

The two most power-filled words=I can!


The tree magic word=I love you!

The most beautiful feeling=love!

The most loving person=mother!

The most respectable person=father!

The purest love=love to god!

The biggest profit-=friendship!

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